Bloom Accounts Launches New Website

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Bloom Accounts Launches New Website

Bloom Accounts, a new, online bookkeeping and accounting services company geared towards the requirements of SMEs has launched its new website.  The company which has offices in London, Gloucestershire and Hertfordshire, utilised the services of London-based integrated marketing agency Brandnation to design and build the new website


The new site is fully responsive and provides a fresh new approach to showcasing bookkeeping and accountancy services, with a strong focus on the mobile experience, and an uncluttered User Interface.  It gives potential clients of Bloom a clear, jargon-free understanding of the company and its services - providing clean and easy access to information via a dynamic design and a carefully considered user experience.


The website has been created using an industry-leading open-source CMS, SilverStripe and the structure comprises a number of features, including video created by Brandnation’s in-house content team, as well as custom application forms, team pages and a blog and news facility.


According to Mark Peacock, Creative Director of Brandnation, “The Bloom Accounts website is a fitting showcase for a new company that has an original approach and a simple, strong proposition when it comes to providing bookkeeping and accounting services to SMEs.”


In addition to designing and building the new website, Brandnation was also responsible for designing Bloom’s corporate identity. Bloom Accounts provides a full range of bookkeeping and accounting services, management reporting and forecasting from just £289 per month using online software accessible 24/7.  The new company’s highly experienced management team are also on hand as and when required to provide additional, scalable advice and support for clients.


According to Peter Timothy, Bloom’s Director and co-founder, “We believe the new identity and website will appeal to the ‘time-poor’ owners and managers of small and medium sized businesses, who are looking for scalable, practical, cost-effective bookkeeping and accounting solutions that allow them to concentrate their efforts on growing their businesses.”

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