About Us

At Bloom we specialise in managing the numbers while you focus on growing your business rather than wrestling with the books and sweating over VAT deadlines and company accounts. 

To do this most effectively and efficiently, we embrace and utilise robust digital technology.  However, people, not anonymous software are at the heart of our services. We provide the personal touch through our highly experienced team of financial services professionals who give our clients all the one-to-one assistance and expertise they need to help grow their businesses, exactly when they need it.

Our service is friendly, flexible, hassle free and completely scalable.  Numbers made simple, if you like.  

If you are interested in hearing more about how Bloom can help your business, please complete our Call Back form to arrange a FREE consultation or call us directly.  We have a number of pricing options to suit all sizes of business.

The Bloom Concept

The concept behind Bloom is simple – by combining robust digital technology with the right team of people, we are able to provide a bookkeeping, management reporting and forecasting service that can be easily accessed 24/7, through any computer or mobile device.  In effect, your accounts department is always open.


While our clients appreciate the importance of accurate accounts and the power of dynamic forecasting, they also know that these things often require the input of experienced accounts and finance professionals – and they appreciate that with Bloom they can easily access this expertise.

Meet the Management Team

We are committed to the success of our client’s businesses.   People are at the heart of what we do and our experienced bookkeepers will be a valued and trusted part of your team.  We started Bloom to help businesses benefit from a different approach to managing their numbers.

I strongly believe in using technology where it can benefit a business
- Michelle Phillips

Michelle Phillips

I have worked in financial services for over 25 years and am a Fellow of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers. My early career was spent in merchant banking, gaining core skills and experience in accounting for financial transactions, management reporting and performance monitoring.  Increasingly, I took on responsibility for establishing and managing operational teams at UBS, WestLB and Nomura, comprising accounting and loans administration.

Central to performing these roles has been my commitment to customer care and establishing efficient processes, procedures and controls that use robust technology.  I strongly believe in using technology where it can benefit a business, but with individual accountability and customer care as a key priority.  At Bloom, we apply the same standard of service, processing and technological access enjoyed by large corporates, to small and medium sized businesses, working in partnership with business owners giving them real-time numbers, dynamic forecasting and top-quality service.


I have worked closely with the management teams of ambitious, growing businesses
- Darren Phillips

Darren Phillips

Prior to co-founding Bloom, I spent 30 years in the financial services sector, working at international banks including UBS and CIBC.  I have undertaken a range of accounting and financial management roles during this time, which included responsibility for compliance and regulatory reporting.

My primary responsibilities were as Chief Financial Officer for a number of bank sponsored finance companies, which included oversight of accounting, treasury management, tax, management reporting, budgeting and financial planning.  I progressed into this role having undertaken the day to day financial management, reconciliation and reporting responsibilities of Financial Controller.


During my career, I have worked closely with the management teams of ambitious, growing businesses, supporting their funding and financial reporting needs.  I have always embraced the use of technology and automated workflows, to improve the quality of financial information and the speed it is made available to business owners and key decision makers.  This is at the heart of what we do at Bloom.